The Swedish manufacturer GN Tobacco (the mastermind behind fantastic snus such as Oden’s and Siberia) has with their extra strong White Fox introduced themself to the All White stage with a bang, and they couldn’t have picked a better name. The white fox also known as the arctic fox is an animal that bears many similarities to these tobacco free nicotine pouches. These foxes are no stranger to freezing temperatures (sometimes as low as -70oC), they’re stealthy and clevery resourceful small rascals. You might wonder what all of this has to do with these extra strong nicotine pouches? Let’s connect the dots; first of is the freezing cold sensation provided by its refreshingly icy flavors. Secondly is the slim sized format of the pouches which makes them discreet and comfortable to use. Last but not least is the innovative, high quality and tobacco free filling that has several neat advantages over traditional tobacco blends.

The advantages with all white nicotine pouches

Since there’s no tobacco used in the filling for White Fox, the pouches stay white at all times. This eliminates any potential risk of them staining your teeth. The all white and low drip character is a big contributor to their long lasting release of both fresh flavors and energizing nicotine. White Fox combines all of these great qualities in a brilliant way and delivers an experience that provides you with minty flavors and extra strong nicotine kicks, all packed inside discreet and convenient slim pouches.